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Reformation Press was founded in 1990 to republish Christian literature with a focus on Scottish authors. The range of publications now includes new works, and all have an enduring relevance to Christians in the present age. The books are in a contemporary format and many are also available as e-books.

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We also produce attractive greetings cards containing texts from the Authorised Version (King James Version) of the Bible.

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  • The Power of Faith and Prayer
    The Power of Faith & Prayer
    Samuel Rutherford unfolds two great matters wich concern the Christian. [Read more...]
  • The Saviour
    The Saviour
    A rich devotional work consisting of 7 sermons by Dr John Kennedy of Dingwall. [Read more...]
  • Directions for Christians
    Directions for Christians
    This booklet contains a great deal of practical advice for Christians. [Read more...]
  • Scottish Reformation
    The Scottish Reformation
    A comprehensive and readable survey of the events leading to the 1560 Reformation. [Read more...]
  • Unsearchable Riches book cover
    Unsearchable Riches
    A selection of 12 instructive and devotional sermons by a gifted minister of the gospel. [Read more...]

New arrivals

  • The Lord’s Day book cover

    The Lord’s Day

    What does the Bible teach about the Lord’s Day? How should we remember it and keep it holy? [Read more]

  • The Power of Faith and Prayer book cover

    The Power of Faith and Prayer

    Samuel Rutherford’s practical discourse on Christ’s miracle of healing two blind men. [Read more]

  • Meditations on the Lord’s Supper book cover

    Meditations on the Lord’s Supper

    This book contains seventeen beautiful meditations on the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. [Read more]

  • With an Everlasting Love book cover

    With an Everlasting Love

    Fourteen Christ-centred sermons which are spiritually satisfying and profitable. [Read more]